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Nanotechnology-based solutions for effective and sustainable in-situ aquifer and groundwater remediation. 


A cutting-edge approach for in-situ aquifer remediation: it exploits the subsurface injection of reactive micromaterials or nanomaterials to induce the degradation or immobilization of recalcitrant contaminants, such as chlorinated solvents, pesticides and heavy metals

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Our mission is to renovate the concept of nanoremediation, bringing this promising technology to the next level.
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Our advanced modeling tools provide quantitative information to support and optimize the design of nanoremediation applications and to predict the long-term fate of the injected microparticles or nanoparticles.


NanoTune is a patented approach to control and tune the distribution of particles in contaminated aquifers. NanoTune improves the nanoremediation e􀃠ectiveness and reduce costs through a more rational use of the nanoreagents.


Nanoremediation 4.0 is the ultimate solution for the treatment of complex hydrogelogical formations. This remediation technique exploits the patented approach AquiRem to achieve an effective particle delivery even in presence of poorly permeable layers.

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Start Cup premia la Nanoremediation 4.0

La nostra rivoluzione nel campo delle bonifiche, la Nanoremediation 4.0, è stata premiata tra i migliori progetti alla finale di #StartCupPiemonteVDA2020. DeltaNova è stata inoltre selezionata tra 110 società per…